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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (T&C or AGB)
Golden Routes Travel International GmbH (Goldenroutes.com)
1. Use of the website
2. Operation of the website
3. Purchase conditions
3.1. Cancellations and changes
3.2. Prices and terms of payment
3.3. refunds
3.4. Passport, visa and health requirements 3.5. Electronic Tickets (eTickets)
3.6. travel insurance
3.7. Customer loyalty programs
3.8. Golden Routes Group booking conditions
4. Privacy Policy
5. Cookie Policy
6. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights 7. Limitation of Liability
8. Use of the Golden Routes Travel International Communication Forums
9. Links to other websites
10. Other applicable terms and conditions
10.1. Passenger rights under Regulation EC No 261/2004 10.2. Questions and complaints regarding your purchase
10.3. Changes to the Terms and Conditions
11. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

1. Use of the website
1.1 This Website is available to all users (hereinafter referred to as "User" or "You") in accordance with these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms"). If you make a purchase on this website or use this website in any way, you accept these terms and conditions.
1.2 This website is owned and operated by Golden Routes Travel International GmbH, a Swiss limited liability company with registered office in Zurich CH-, VAT ID. CHE-209,519,686, telephone number (+41) 43 456 26 56 (hereinafter referred to as "Goldenroutes.com").
1.3 The User declares that he is of legal age and has the legal capacity required to comply with this Agreement and to use the Website in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, which are fully understood and accepted. The user is responsible for the protection of all passwords provided by Goldenroutes.com for access to the website and ensures that unauthorized third parties do not have access to the passwords. The user is liable for any financial consequences resulting from the unauthorized use of the website by unauthorized third parties who use said passwords. The user declares that all information provided by him for accessing the website, as well as the information provided before and during use, is true, complete and correct and warrants that he will update this information on an ongoing basis.
1.4 This website is intended for personal use only by the user. The modification, reproduction, duplication, copying, distribution, sale, resale or any manner of use of the website for commercial or similar purposes is prohibited.
1.5 The user agrees not to use the website for illegal or inappropriate purposes. In particular, the user accepts that the products or services purchased on this website are intended solely for their own use and for their own purposes or for the purposes and for the personal use of persons on whose behalf they act as legal representatives. The user is not allowed to resell the products or services purchased on this website to third parties. Goldenroutes.com reserves the right to deny access to this website at any time without prior notice.
2. Operation of the website
2.1 Goldenroutes.com offers on this website a search and comparison service of travel products or services available on the market, as well as a placement service for the purchase of the services you have selected. Any purchase order for products or services confirmed by Goldenroutes.com is considered a purchase on this site. If you purchase travel products or services through this website, the purchase will be concluded with a direct contract between you and the travel provider (s). Goldenroutes.com is not part of this relationship with respect to the products and services you purchase, unless expressly stated. If you have any questions or for any advice regarding the purchased products or services, you must contact the appropriate travel agency directly.
2.2 The term "tour operator" includes, where appropriate, airlines, tour operators, package tour operators, hotels, hotel chains and hotel aggregators, insurance providers, vehicle suppliers and cruise lines.
2.3 Goldenroutes.com will assist you in purchasing the Products or Services by acting on behalf of the Travel Provider (s) on your behalf in making these purchases. This Agreement is subject to the terms and conditions of each Travel Provider who may limit or exclude their liability. To check the terms and conditions of your travel agency, you must contact them directly. In any case, carefully read the applicable terms and conditions of your travel service provider, especially the cancellation fees.

2.4 By using this Site for the purchase of products or services, you are granting Goldenroutes.com permission to act as your proxy during the purchase process with the relevant tour operator (s) as well as in the payment of those products or services ensure that the transaction is properly executed between you and your travel provider (s). For this reason, Goldenroutes.com charges you an administration fee, the amount of which depends on the product or service purchased. You will in any case receive all necessary information about the final total price of the products or services before you make a purchase or make a purchase order.
2.5 The final total price of the selected products or services must be confirmed once the search, comparison and selection are complete and the price is available with a cost breakdown before clicking on "AGREE & BUY". Prices are displayed according to daily calculated exchange rates and may change daily depending on these exchange rates. Likewise, the taxes incurred may fluctuate depending on the exchange rates. When you begin a purchase, the exchange rate will be determined at that moment and will apply to any changes or cancellations to the products or services included in your purchase. Exchange rates are set by Goldenroutes.com.
2.6 Upon completion of the purchase, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, which serves as a contract document. The first confirmation email must contain all information about the requested products or services. We then confirm that your purchase has been properly recorded in your travel provider's system and payment can be properly processed. We are only then obliged to process your purchase when the payment has been received in full. If all information is correct, you will receive approximately one (1) day after receiving the first email, a second email confirming that your purchase has been processed. If, due to any circumstances outside the control of Goldenroutes.com, some of the orders that are part of your purchase can not be processed, we will promptly notify you and assist you in the process. IF THE PURCHASED PRODUCT IS A FLIGHT OF A BROADCASTING COMPANY, PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MAY ONLY RECEIVE AN E-MAIL WITH ORDER AND TICKET CONFIRMATION. IN NO EVENT SHOULD YOU GO TO THE AIRPORT IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A TICKET CONFIRMATION FOR ALL TICKETS WHICH ARE PART OF YOUR PURCHASE.
2.7 We reserve the right to cancel your purchase if we have reasonable grounds to believe that this is a fraudulent act. In such case, we will try to contact you at the email address provided during the search, comparison and selection process, or to contact your financial institution. If we can not contact you or your bank, your booking will be automatically canceled.
2.8 Pursuant to Article 27 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services, please note that the contract for confirmatory emails is formally concluded. Not only will this information be sent to you via e-mail, it will also be stored in Goldenroutes.com's customer files and will be available to you on request at any time.
2.9 With regard to optional customer requests or special requests for products (eg meals, facilities for disabled persons, child seats, etc.), Goldenroutes.com reminds you that the fulfillment of such requests can not be guaranteed, as Goldenroutes.com merely requests these the appropriate travel provider forwards. You must therefore have the tour operator or the hotel confirm whether any special requests can be fulfilled or realized. In addition, we must expressly point out to you that all optional customer requests or special requests when purchasing airline tickets may lead to a delay in ticketing. As a result, there is a risk that the ticket price will increase or there will be no more seats available if the travel provider processes your request.

3. Purchase conditions
3.1. Cancellations and changes
3.1.1 The ability to modify or modify a travel product or service booked on this Site and the manner in which such changes are made will depend on the terms and conditions of your travel provider as well as the chosen tariff. Therefore, the requested products or services may not be canceled or changed, or possibly only in compliance with certain requirements. If you make any changes (cancellation and / or modification) to your purchase at Goldenroutes.com, a management fee of FIVE-francs (CHF 50) will be charged per person per trip that has been canceled and / or modified. The administrative fees incurred in the event of cancellation and / or change do not include any taxes levied directly by your travel provider (s). If you make a change to your purchase, please note that the current price is unrelated to the change cost.
3.1.2 When purchasing airline tickets, please note that different fare conditions may apply to multi-leg and more than one basic fare plans. In this case, the most restrictive tariff conditions apply. Please read carefully all tariff conditions for your booking. If changes or cancellations are permitted, they can be activated by calling Goldenroutes.com. Please note that if you have purchased a return ticket and are not making the outbound flight, this may result in your return ticket being canceled by the airline. Changes and cancellations can not be made by e-mail. To do this, please contact Goldenroutes.com Customer Service Center by telephone.
3.1.3 For hotel bookings, hotels' specific terms and conditions for cancellations and changes during the booking process are available for viewing on our website or they will be made available to our Customer Service Center upon prior request. They will also be explained in your confirmation e-mail. If you change a booking, it is your responsibility to ensure that it does not conflict with any other products or services that you have purchased.
3.1.4 For car rental companies, the car rental company's specific terms and conditions for cancellations and changes during the booking process are available for viewing via a link on our website or may be made available to our Customer Care Center upon prior request. If you do not cancel your booking prior to the pick-up time and pick up the vehicle on the pick-up date or if you fail to meet the conditions for picking up the car (see car rental company's terms and conditions), please note that most car rental companies reserve the right to charge a fee for non-appearance, which may be up to 100% of the total cost of the rented car.

3.1.5 When purchasing cruise tickets, the cruise operator's specific terms and conditions are available for cancellations and changes in the information material provided directly by the travel provider and / or on its website. You can not make bookings for the purchase of cruise tickets directly on the Goldenroutes.com website, as Goldenroutes.com only provides the advertising space for such products and / or services on its website. If you do not cancel your reservation before the agreed time of departure and do not appear on the cruise ship on the day of departure or if you do not meet the conditions of travel (see Terms and Conditions of the Cruise Company), please note that the cruise company reserves the right to charge a fee for the cruise No-show, which may be up to 100% of the total cost of the ticket.
3.2. Prices and terms of payment
3.2.1 The total price of your purchase, along with the cost breakdown and processing fee of Goldenroutes.com, will be displayed to you as soon as you have selected each product or service you wish to purchase and before the actual purchase begins. Said price includes the price of all selected products or services as well as the processing fees of Goldenroutes.com. Please note that the fees charged by Goldenroutes.com are independent of the cost of the selected products and / or services and are non-refundable as they are collected by Goldenroutes.com for the services of searching, comparing and selecting during the booking process ,
3.2.2 The processing fee of Goldenroutes.com varies depending on the products or services selected. There are additional charges when making your purchase by phone or requesting changes / refunds. In the event that you use an unsecured credit card or credit card rejected by the credit institution for any reason, Goldenroutes.com will charge a processing fee of up to TWENTY FRANK (CHF 20) and instructions on how to proceed to effect payment for your purchase , After full payment has been received, the estimated processing fee will be refunded by subtracting from the final price of your purchase. You do not have the right to receive the requested products or services until they have been fully paid. Regarding the use of unsecured credit cards or credit cards that are denied by the credit institution for any reason, we would like to point out that travel products may be subject to price changes.
Therefore, there is a possibility that the price of your products or services may change at the time of purchase and full payment, with the result that you must accept the updated price when making the payment.
3.2.3 Please note that some airlines charge the cost of air tickets directly. If there are any problems with the payment, you will be notified by us within forty-eight (48) hours of your purchase (or within twenty-four (24) hours, if you travel within forty-eight (48) hours). You must pay the cost of any increase in price that occurs prior to confirmation of your purchase. Please also note that payments to the airline and those made to Goldenroutes.com are listed as separate transactions on your credit card statement.

3.2.4 You can pay using any of the common credit or debit cards listed on the website. Only the payment methods listed on the website will be accepted.
3.2.5 For greater security, you will be prompted to enter your credit / debit card information whenever you make a purchase on Goldenroutes.com. This information will not be stored on our systems after payment processing for your purchase. This also applies to the processing of refund claims for non-refunded fees, as described in point 3.3. Please note that Goldenroutes.com must provide your credit / debit card information to the travel provider (s) for the final processing of your booking (s). All information is transmitted in encrypted form via a security server. You authorize Goldenroutes.com to use your credit / debit card information to (i) purchase and process the requested products or services, (ii) to pay for the insurance premium and tourist assistance, if required (iv) for the reimbursement of related costs (a) if certain credit or debit cards are used, (b) in the event of change requests to the original booking or (c) for reimbursement not remitted Fees as described in Section 3.3 of these Terms.
3.2.6 In addition to our general and additional fees, Goldenroutes.com also charges for any additional payment costs incurred when using certain payment methods. Please note that this is an automated process whereby charges are calculated and collected according to the payment methods actually used, regardless of whether you indicate that you are using a different payment method. In any case, you will receive all the information about the final prices that are properly listed before the purchase begins. Goldenroutes.com reserves the right to demand reimbursement of any costs incurred as a result of denied payments or chargebacks by your bank or credit or debit card company. If you pay for your purchase using a third-party bank card, it may be necessary to obtain written approval from the cardholder. Goldenroutes.com reserves the right to send to the billing address of your bank card or e-mail address, both for yourself and for the travel provider (s), e-tickets, confirmations, e-vouchers and other travel documents. which is required by the credit card company for use. It is required that all e-mail addresses used be confirmed at the time of booking.

3.2.7 Goldenroutes.com always strives to reduce or minimize the impact of fraudulent credit card transactions. We reserve the right to conduct random checks, including verification of the electoral roll, and the ability to request proof of domicile by fax or post together with a copy of your credit or debit card and a recent credit card statement before issuing your tickets. This occurs when our system determines that your transaction may be a fraudulent act. Please note that these checks are only done during our regular office hours. As a result, all purchases made outside our office hours can not be processed until the following business day. Please note that the processing of your purchase will be interrupted by these reviews. Goldenroutes.com can not guarantee the availability of the products or services you have found and / or its associated price until such time as the purchase is properly completed. Please also note that you will be responsible for the costs and expenses incurred by sending the proof of residence by fax or mail, arranging a bank transfer and / or any action required to secure your purchase with greater warranty Security.
3.2.8 In some cases, by prior arrangement with the Goldenroutes.com Customer Service Center, you may pay by bank transfer as long as it is made by the holder of a bank account in the country where the booking is made. In these cases, there must be at least six (6) working days between the purchase and the departure date of the ticket. If you select a bank transfer as a payment method, Goldenroutes.com will charge the total amount of your purchase as a one-time payment. You have to make sure that you have sufficient funds to pay for it. In the event of a chargeback due to an uncovered account or for any other cause attributable to you, Goldenroutes.com will charge you a processing fee of CHF 20 and promptly give you instructions on how to make your payment effective. This processing fee is due to bank charges and other related costs incurred by Goldenroutes.com. If you choose bank transfer as the preferred method of payment, Goldenroutes.com reserves the right to withhold any refunds until the payment is received in full and irrevocably.

3.3 Refunds
3.3.1 Any refunds must be made taking into account the payment method chosen at the time of purchase and on behalf of the person who made the original payment. Please note that for refunds in case of flight bookings not all components of the ticket price can be refunded. Any refund will be made, although the booking has been made at Goldenroutes.com, taking into account the refund policy of the relevant travel provider (s).
3.3.2 If a ticket has been purchased which is non-refundable, cannot be changed, and you cannot use it, please be advised that you may be asked to reimburse some of the items you purchased at the time of purchase:
(a) If the Ticket has been issued by an IATA carrier, you will be required to request a refund from Goldenroutes.com for non-refundable processing fees. If you would like to request the refund of non-refundable fees from Goldenroutes.com, you can submit your application directly to the following address: Golden Routes Travel International GmbH, Bahnhofstrasse 10, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland. With this application, you grant Goldenroutes.com permission to perform all necessary actions on behalf of you to receive the said refund. Please note that the deadline for the written request for reimbursement of non-refundable fees is twelve (12) months from the date of purchase of the tickets or six (6) months from the date of the flight, if later. These refunds can only be made using the payment method used at the time of purchase. All refunds are subject to the relevant terms of the airline. The applicable processing fee of Goldenroutes.com for processing these refunds is CHF 55.00 per person. You are giving Goldenroutes.com permission to deduct these costs from the applicable refund amount.
(b) If the tickets were issued by non-IATA airlines (eg "low-cost carriers") or if the tickets were billed directly by the airline, you must request the reimbursement of any non-IATA charges directly from that airline , If you apply for this type of refund, you authorize Goldenroutes.com to debit the bank / credit card used for the transaction-related purchase that is the subject of your application.

3.4 Passport, visa and health requirements
3.4.1 You should inform yourself in good time before your trip to the relevant embassy about passport and visa requirements. It is your responsibility to have a valid passport and, if necessary, a visa. Goldenroutes.com is under no circumstances liable in the event that you do not carry the right travel documents with you.
3.4.2 Each destination has its own requirements regarding entry formalities, vaccinations etc. These may in turn vary according to the nationality of the traveler. We recommend that you obtain this information before planning your trip. Goldenroutes.com can under no circumstances be held liable for incidents caused by customers failing to comply with official requirements.
3.5 Electronic Tickets (eTickets)
3.5.1 All tickets purchased on this website are eTickets. The eTicket system is a paperless way to buy airline tickets. Once you have made your purchase, Goldenroutes.com will send you a confirmation e-mail with booking reference number (s) for your flight (s). Please note that you DO NOT RECEIVE A PAPER TICKET FOR TEMPLATE AT THE AIRPORT.
3.5.2 We point out that each airline has its own rules and procedures regarding eTickets. We encourage you to check these rules and procedures before you arrive at the airport. We strongly recommend that you always carry a printed copy of your confirmation e-mail with the booking reference number (s) for your flight (s), although not all airlines require you to do so. Goldenroutes.com is not responsible for customers who disregard the rules and procedures of airlines regarding eTickets. Some airlines charge additional fees if you do not print your boarding pass and show it at the airport. Goldenroutes.com recommends that you read all the information in the confirmation email. If you change your flight details or passenger information, you may need to check in again and reprint your boarding pass. Goldenroutes.com can under no circumstances be held liable for incidents caused by customers failing to comply with these terms of the airline.
3.5.3 Goldenroutes.com believes that the information provided by you is accurate and therefore can not be held responsible if your eTicket does not reach your inbox or arrive in your spam folder due to an incorrectly specified email address , If you change your e-mail address or phone number, you must notify us immediately. You must also verify that the name on your passport matches that on your ticket and / or your booking confirmation.
3.5.4 In exceptional circumstances Goldenroutes.com may not be able to pass on the information of your confirmed booking to the airline for final processing due to restrictions on ticket sales beyond its control. In this case, we will try to notify you within 48 (forty) (48) hours after the booking confirmation to arrange for a refund or to make you an alternative booking proposal.
3.6 Travel insurance
Goldenroutes.com recommends that you take out travel insurance for each trip, especially for circumstances in which the tour operator (s) are not responsible. If you decide to buy travel insurance on the website Goldenroutes.com, your insurance contract will be created directly between you and the insurance company in accordance with the terms of the insurance policy. This is available for you before the start of the booking process.
3.7 Customer loyalty program
Occasionally, some travel providers may offer users the option of entering their data into a frequent flyer or hotel loyalty scheme in which they participate. Please note that any frequent flyer or hotel loyalty program is subject to the terms and conditions of the respective travel provider and Goldenroutes.com is unrelated to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions regarding the applicable terms and conditions, please contact the tour operator who is responsible for the frequent flyer or hotel bonus programs. Please note that our travel providers have their own rules and regulations regarding loyalty cards. If you have any questions, please contact them directly.
3.8. Golden Routes groups booking conditions
Cancellation: In case of cancellation as described:
The requested realization rate refers to the number of places you can reduce for free during the specified period. Cancellations below the guarantee percentage will be charged the equivalent penalty per person Start of penalty time / reservation fee: 190 days BEFORE DEPARTURE. For a full cancellation after the end of the booking option, but before the beginning of the penalty period, the reservation fee is only CHF 209.00 Penalties / requested implementation rate / applicable penalty per person:

190 - 30 days BEFORE DEPARTURE / 80% of the total price
30 - 0 days BEFORE DEPARTURE / 100% of the total price
Deposit: 60% deposit of the total amount
Ticket fee: 25.00 CHF

Name Options and Ticketing Timeouts:
Unless otherwise specified in the group reservation, the following naming options and ticket time limits generally apply:
Name option / Ticket deadline: 30 days before departure (after ticket sale - no change allowed)
General information about name changes or name corrections after ticketing:
In the case of a complete name change (ie from one passenger to another passenger) or a name correction, the ticket of the original passenger can be refunded. In the case of name changes, the refund conditions of the originally issued ticket must be waived and replaced by the name change fee.
An exchange / reissue of tickets from one passenger to another passenger is not permitted.
Collaboration (Groups): If you are a travel agent and wish to arrange a group tour with Golden Routes, the purchase or the penalty, as well as the flight, the hotel, the transfer and the advertising, will be taken by both parties.

4. Special terms and conditions for the purchased products or services.
4.1 flights
For flights, the terms and conditions set out in Annex 1 to this document apply unless otherwise specified in the travel agent's terms and conditions.
4.2 cruises
For cruises, the terms and conditions set out in Appendix 2 to this document apply unless otherwise specified in the travel agent's terms and conditions.
4.3 Car Rental
For car rental companies, the terms and conditions in Appendix 3 to this document apply unless otherwise specified in the travel agent's terms and conditions.
4.4 Hotels and other accommodations
For hotels and other accommodation, the terms and conditions set forth in Appendix 4 of this document apply unless otherwise stated in the travel agent's terms and conditions.
5. Privacy Policy
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The author reserves the right not to be responsible for the accuracy, accuracy, timeliness, reliability and completeness of the information.
Liability claims against the author due to material or immaterial damage resulting from the access or use or non-use of the published information, through misuse of the connection or due to technical faults are excluded.
All offers are without obligation. The author expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer without prior notice or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.
Liability for links References and links to third-party websites are outside our area of ??responsibility. Any responsibility for such websites is rejected. The access and use of such websites are at the user's own risk.

The copyright and all other rights to content, images, photos or other files on the website belong exclusively to Golden Routes Travel International GmbH or the specifically named rights holders. For the reproduction of any elements, the written consent of the copyright holders must be obtained in advance.
Data protection
Based on Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution and the data protection regulations of the Federal Government (Data Protection Act, DSG), every person is entitled to protection of their privacy and to protection against misuse of their personal data. We comply with these terms. Personal data will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold or passed on to third parties.
In close cooperation with our hosting providers, we endeavor to protect the databases as far as possible against unauthorized access, loss, misuse or counterfeiting.
When accessing our website, the following data is stored in log files: IP address, date, time, browser request and general information transmitted to the operating system resp. Browser. These usage data form the basis for statistical, anonymous evaluations, so that trends can be identified that will allow us to improve our offers accordingly.

6 cookie guidelines
6.1 In accordance with Article 22.2 of the Swiss Law on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (LSSI) and EU Directive 2009/136 / CE, Goldenroutes.com points out that this website allows the use of cookies.
6.2 A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer by a web site when you visit it. The file stores data that is returned to the web page by your browser when you visit it again, or when you go from page to page within that web page. Some cookies are very important to you in order to get the most out of a website, as they allow you to store information that you have already entered, such as flights you have selected or already registered. Other cookies may be used to store your browsing and booking behavior, to provide analysis of your use of the website, or to show you various products according to your apparent interests.

6.3 Cookie settings must be adapted to each browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari). There are usually a number of options available to you to manage cookies, including: allowing cookies completely or not at all; Delete cookies that have already been saved on the browser; certain websites to save cookies to your computer or to block third-party cookies (when you visit one website, cookies from another website may be saved on your computer).
Please use the links below for more information.
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6.4 Our website uses different types of cookies:
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6.5 For more information or to provide us with your feedback on the use of cookies on our website, please visit our Customer Center page.
7 Right to intellectual and industrial property
7.1 All content on this site (including but not limited to trademarks, textual content, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio files and software) is owned by Goldenroutes.com or the content provider and is protected by national and international industrial and intellectual property laws Property protected. The compilation (i.e., collation, disposition, and assembly) of all content of the Goldenroutes.com website is the sole property of Golden Routes Travel International GmbH and is protected by national and international laws protecting intellectual and industrial property. All software used on or owned by goldenroutes.com is protected by national and international industrial and intellectual property laws.
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7.3 Goldenroutes.com and other names of Goldenroutes.com products, services, graphics and logos are registered trademarks. The names of other products, services and companies mentioned in this document may be the registered trademarks of their respective owners.
8 Limitation of Liability
8.1 Goldenroutes.com makes this website "as is" available and makes reasonable efforts to update, maintain and operate the website. However, Goldenroutes.com makes no warranty as to technical defects, faultless service or the uninterrupted functioning of the system or portal.
8.2 Goldenroutes.com publishes on its website information about the various products and services offered by third parties. Goldenroutes.com makes no representation as to the truth, accuracy, completeness and updating of the data contained in such offers. Some of the information is cached from time to time and only matched with real-time information when the booking is confirmed.
8.3 Goldenroutes.com's liability restriction complies with applicable law.

8.4 In the event of force majeure (including, but not limited to, political, economic or otherwise unstable circumstances affecting security), there are deficiencies in reservations and confirmations and / or problems in the performance of any travel or service provided through Goldenroutes . com, and this is due to unexpected circumstances for which Goldenroutes.com can not provide a solution, Goldenroutes.com and / or the companies of the goldenroutes.com Group are / are exempted from any legal responsibility derived therefrom Defects or non-compliance with regulations. The same applies in the event that it should even be impossible to comply with any of the agreed terms.
9 links to other websites
9.1 This website may contain links to other websites that are not managed by Goldenroutes.com and are for reference only. Goldenroutes.com has no control over these websites and is not responsible for their content.
9.2 The inclusion of links to other websites in no way constitutes an endorsement, support, warranty or recommendation by Goldenroutes.com in relation to these pages. These links are for informational purposes only and the contents, services, products or ownership offered therein are not evaluated.
10 Other applicable terms and conditions
10.1 Passenger rights under Regulation EC No 261/2004.
If you are entering or leaving the EU or flying with an EU carrier, you may be entitled to claims against the airline under certain conditions if your flight has been canceled, is delayed, or you have not been transported for any other reason. Please read the Regulation EC no. 261/2004 or contact our customer service.
10.2 Questions and complaints regarding your purchase.
If you have any questions or complaints regarding your booking, please contact our customer service before your departure. If you have complaints about a travel provider, please make sure that you initiate the official complaints procedure before you return.
10.3 Changes to the Terms and Conditions.
Goldenroutes.com may change or update these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The current version of these terms and conditions will be displayed on the website when the said changes come into force. Please read the current terms and conditions each time you make a booking on this website. 

11 Applicable law
The terms and conditions as well as any contractual relationship between Goldenroutes.com and the user are subject to Swiss law.
Please note that the contract of carriage exists between you and the travel provider (airline) and is subject to its terms and conditions. Goldenroutes.com only acts as an intermediary when purchasing the plane ticket.
With regard to air fares, additional conditions may apply which are specific to the individual tariffs. For example, tickets usually can not be changed or refunded. In addition, most airlines reserve the right to make changes to the flight plan and cancel confirmed bookings. Although Goldenroutes.com, as a mediating party, is not responsible for such changes or cancellations, we will provide the necessary assistance through our customer service in all reasonable forms.
Airlines can charge for additional services such as checked baggage, check-in at the airport, preferred seating, on-line entertainment program (if available), food, drinks, snacks, etc. All fees for these additional services are not included in the price of your ticket, unless otherwise stated, and must be paid directly to the airline. Goldenroutes.com can not be held responsible for any additional charges that may be incurred and recommends that you contact the appropriate airline for additional services and confirmation of applicable charges. You can check on the airline's website how much baggage you are allowed to carry. Please check if your flight consists of more than one leg. There may be different baggage allowances for you. This can be the case even if you fly with the same airline, for example, if one route is an international flight and the other is a domestic flight. This may mean that you have to pay an excess baggage charge for a flight with a lower baggage allowance.
For each flight, check the check-in deadline for check-in. The recommended check-in time for check-in is 120 minutes prior to departure for international flights and 90 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights. However, some airports and / or airlines may require a longer period of time.
If you have purchased a return ticket, the airline requires that you confirm the booking for your return flight no later than 72 hours prior to departure. If you do not confirm your return flight directly with the airline, this could be canceled.
It is strongly recommended (especially if you are traveling in First Class) that you check in early if you have special seating requirements. Goldenroutes.com has no control over the seat allocation, even if the seats were previously reserved at the airline. Furthermore, Goldenroutes.com can not guarantee that specific seats will be available at departure.

Goldenroutes.com is not liable for any costs incurred for transfers between airports or terminals.
It may be that flights with special fares or cheaper prices do not necessarily take the shortest route. Some itineraries require a change of plane. In a direct flight, it is not necessary to change to another aircraft while traveling. Nevertheless, intermediate stops may be needed on the journey to refuel or accommodate passengers. Information about stopovers can be obtained during the booking process. These are clearly marked both on the website and on your itinerary, which we will send you when booking. It is your responsibility to organize the required visas. Goldenroutes.com is not responsible for assisting or advising you.
The displayed times refer to the 24-hour system. They are to be understood as approximate times and are based on the departure times. They may vary according to the schedules, type of aircraft, weather conditions, etc., and roughly indicate the actual flight time (excluding the time on the ground during stopovers or when changing to another aircraft). Therefore, they serve only as a guide and subject

Changes and confirmations.

The flight regulations are different for each airline. Some refuse to transport women on their return flight in their 28th week of pregnancy or more. If in doubt, check with your airline and consult your doctor. Toddlers must be six weeks or older when traveling by plane and must either sit on the lap of an adult or a child seat. Please contact the airline you are traveling with to get information on suitable seats. Children over two years must generally have their own seat.
Combination of one-way flights

In some cases, we combine two one-way fares from different airlines or the same airline to allow for special fares for the return flight. This means that you have two separate bookings (one for your outbound flight and the other for your return flight), each of which has its own fare rules. If you have to cancel one of the two flights, you can keep the other without additional charges. Any cancellations, changes to the timetable or any other changes to one of the two flights will not affect the other flight. The tariff regulations of the other flight will continue to apply. For example, if you cancel one of the two flights, the other airline will not be required to reimburse you for the other flight and offer you a change of itinerary. If a change to the other flight is required, you may be required to pay the costs yourself.

Cheap flights: If you choose low-cost airlines for your flight search, we will search our database for cheap flights and make the booking on your behalf when you decide to buy. You may receive a confirmation e-mail directly from the low-cost carrier. The contractual relationship exists between you and the relevant low-cost carrier and is subject to its terms and conditions. These are available for viewing before the booking is completed by clicking on the Terms and Conditions link, upon request to our call centers and after booking in your confirmation email or on the website of the respective low-cost airline. Please note that low cost airlines often depart from smaller, regional and / or secondary airports. The airport is always shown in the flight details section prior to purchase. Reductions for residents of the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta or Melilla Residents of the Canary Islands, Balearics, Ceuta or Melilla are entitled to a discount or bonus if their flight leaves or arrives at your place of residence and if this is permitted within the fare. Family members may also be eligible for a country rebate if they have a right of residence and, if they are third-country nationals, if they have a long-term residence permit and can prove their place of residence in the aforementioned communities and towns. These citizens must prove their place of residence by presenting a valid certificate of residence and their NIE number (identification number for foreign nationals in Switzerland). Passengers wishing to take advantage of this reduction are required to present a valid residence certificate at the airport. For this purpose, these passengers must present one of the following documents for identification (valid documents): a residence certificate issued by the town hall proving residence or, in the case of foreign EU citizens, a passport. Minors under the age of 14, who do not yet have identity documents, only have to present the certificate of residence issued by the Town Hall. Senators or Members of Parliament: a certificate from the respective chamber of which they are elected Members of Parliament or Senators, as well as an identity card or passport. Please note that the National Identity Card (DNI) serves only as a proof of identity, but not as proof of residence (even if used for identification during the booking process). If the passenger does not have a valid residence permit, he / she will not be boarded by the airline. During the booking, you must ensure that you have selected the option "Resident discount" in the relevant section, if you are entitled to it. If you would like to take advantage of this discount, but it will not be charged automatically during the booking, we recommend that you cancel the online booking and instead make the booking by calling our booking office: (+41) 043 456 26 56.
Groups: These Terms & conditions or email Bookings and any agreement to which they apply are governed in all respects by Swiss law. We both agree that any dispute, claim or other matter which arises between us out of or in connection with your contract or booking will be dealt with by the Courts of Zürich, Switzerland.